Zoea is a very different kind of programming language.

All major programming languages require the developer to describe in detail precisely what needs to be done and in most cases the order in which things have to happen.

Zoea works differently.

A program in Zoea looks like a set of functional test cases. The 'developer' describes one or more scenarios as sequences of inputs and outputs. From these the Zoea compiler uses AI to create the corresponding executable code automatically. 

This idea has actually been around in research labs for a very long time but until now systems of this kind have only been able to generate fairly small programs. Zoea is a completely fresh approach and can be used to produce programs of any size.

Zoea is the first practical, general purpose language of this kind. Because Zoea programs are so simple it is possible to learn the complete language very quickly.

It was always inevitable that some day we would move beyond programming languages where we had to spell everything out. That day has come.